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Body Count - Manslaughter Lyrics

Body Count – Manslaughter Lyrics

Once upon a time
Motherfucker disrespect you he’d wind up dead
Motherfucker’s got the game twisted
Snitching fucking bitches
No more honor, no respect
What does a manhood mean?
Manslaughter, Manhood’s dead
Manslaughter, manhood’s dead

Motherfuckers is way out of pocket
Been getting a fucking pass
You don’t hear me dog, ’till you feel that shotgun blast

I might not wear no mask
I might just let you see me
You punks is out of order
It’s time for manslaughter
Manslaughter, manhood’s dead
Manslaughter, manhood’s dead

Sometimes I sit back and I think
I think about what man hood use to mean
How men had to stand for something
Man like my father, real men
Men had to be about something
Men had to give a fuck
Men had to power through it
A man just can’t give up
Steel sharpens steel reach the deadly disease
If you don’t stand for shit
Then bitch get on your knees

I will not lose

I will not lose

So what’s the problem yo, every man is turning bitch
How will I solve it yo? Duct tape and a shallow ditch
Man’s an endangered species, this shit is getting soft
Slip up in a foregin country
And get you head cut of

Manslaughter, manhood’s dead

[Lyrics to Manslaughter by Body Count]

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