Bop Alloy - Another Night At Club Family Lyrics

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Bop Alloy – Another Night At Club Family Lyrics

I am enveloped by the night air
If there was somewhere better I’d still be right here
As if the greatest poets had chosen to write here
For that inspiration I’d journey a light year… yeah
It’s that dope, only she’s it’s rival
Fighting for attention like they need the title
Of muse, who’s every move is vital
To fill the void ensuring my joy’s survival
And you boy’s entitled to a night out
Sleep after the sun’s arrival like a night owl
Enjoying her subtle smiles as we vibe out
Aura and her sense of style raise eyebrows
Swore I heard them play Miles as we dined out
Spot I ain’t been a while we hittin’ right now
I know she’ll be diggin’ the sounds, that’s without doubt
Now we are funward bound, heading crosstown, lets go!

Wake me up this can’t be real life…
Can’t put it in to words but it feels like…
Somebody wake me up this can’t be real life
I can’t put it into words but it feels right… Right?


Paid admission then got our drink tickets
Smoke filled dark room, but the scene’s vivid
Told her how I love it here and had to revisit
She winked and says she’s game now I call that team spirit
If she was any cooler, my dude she would seem frigid
‘Round chicks who’s description is all that a queen isn’t
A lot of loose booty in here but their jeans fitted
Drink ‘til they reach limits then rock & lean with it



DJ getting it in while I’m led by her waist
She’s strictly diggin’ the gems got impeccable taste
But make no mistake she’s not a gold digger
But the type you could take with you to go diggin’
Both sippin’, malt liquor at a moderate pace
While she busy deciphering the look on my face
Devil on my shoulder saying things I won’t mention
Angel on the other tellin’ me “don’t listen”
Who knew, we’d be cold chillin’ like Juice crew
For real though, rubbing elbows with the who’s who
Mellow a player’s ball slick as Guru
With my black magic woman, I’m bewitched by her voodoo like…
Damn, damn, damn…


[Lyrics to Another Night At Club Family by Bop Alloy]

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Artist Bop Alloy Lyrics
Album"Another Day in the Life of​.​.​." (2014)

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Bop Alloy - Another Night At Club Family Lyrics

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