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Borna - A Memento Lyrics

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Borna – A Memento Lyrics

If you were to ask me to stay
with you all day and night
would it be easy to stray,
if I were by your side?

In the spotlight, of a moon bright
Taste your lips as we’re floating intertwined
As we lock eyes, bare and tongue tied
Whisper words of the lovers in the night

Move for me, tell me how you like it
Talk to me, tell me all your secrets
No one knows what will become
The plot of a story we’ve only just begun

Without your smile, I’m feeling kinda crazy
Hope you hear my cry for you to save me
Feed the fire, with a lie
Make it light up the night

I, I want you. Only you. Only you.
I, I’m not untrue, when I say I love you

Maybe I’ll write you a song
And lay it all on the line
Something to play and rewind
To keep me on your mind

A memento from a day so
Beautiful when I had you in my arms
Never felt so sentimental
’till you put back the pieces of heart

Move for me, show me how you like it
Talk to me, tell me all your secrets
Even if I’m not the one,
Every sunflower must reach up for the sun
Without your love I’m feeling kinda crazy
Can’t you hear my cries for you to save me?

Give the water of life,
Be the rain in my sky

I, I want you . Only you. Only you.
I, I hope it’s true, when you say I love you

[Lyrics to A Memento by Borna]

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