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Briar Rabbit - Lock Up Before You Leave Lyrics

Briar Rabbit – Lock Up Before You Leave Lyrics

Darlin, lock up before you leave
I can’t have no one comin in
Can’t go through this again
So darlin, lock up before you leave

I didn’t believe in much but I believed in us
So much so, I even brought you home
Where everyone agreed, that you would make good family
and though it never happen they’re not wrong

In your living room, I said goodbye to you
and all your words were clinical and cold
The only way you know to hide
a pain that don’t subside
Is to twist the tale the way you need it told

And in the barracks of my brain
There’s a voice that screams in vain
It’s pleading for some sort of amnesty
I tell it “I don’t like a war anymore than you
but it’s the only way we’ll ever make it through

[Lyrics to Lock Up Before You Leave by Briar Rabbit]
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