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Broken Season - Vilified Lyrics

Broken Season – Vilified Lyrics

You can’t lock me up cause i smoke weed bitch,
What about your alcohol, ritalin & cigarettes?
A drug war runned by a bunch of hypocrites,
and the leaf is the poster child for their fucked up politics
a bunch of kids are being tagged as drug addicts,
just for getting caught with a blunt wrapped in their coat jackets,
They are a bunch of fucken crackheads
criminals brains with let’s give them no chance

It’s been a LIE x2
And Now one’s ever died x2
Then Why is it Vilified? x2
You will never….
You will never burn it down.

M.O.T.A Bitch
Cruising down you through you see
De las montañas de colombia calles de medellin
Yo soy de aqui…Light up the fucken weed
Since you can’t prove me wrong
whata fuck you got for me? Hu>?
Y no me vengas con el cuento de que me hace mal
si el tabaco mata gente, y no esta yerba
va vas a crear o otra guerra?
It’s just a matter of time
Stop broadcasting your lies Yeah!

[Lyrics to Vilified by Broken Season]
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