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Broken Links - Dead Embers Lyrics

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Broken Links – Dead Embers Lyrics

We are nothing at all,
We are just dead embers,
Flying in and out of the walls,
Into your empty souls,

We have seen it all,
We’ve been here one thousand years,
laying down our laws,
It overtakes me

Oh it turns you on,
That I am nothing more,
Than what you make me.

We are free and young,
Though we lost more than won.
I can’t be addicted to, The time I waste on you,
There’s too much hurt to be undone,

We are nothing at all,
We are just dead embers,
Flying over darkened sprawls,
Into an empty hole.

You, you just want it all,
You can’t see or understand,
That until you’re down from the upper hand,
You can’t change me.

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