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Bynoe - SHIT! Lyrics

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Bynoe – SHIT! Lyrics

Intro (Speaks)
“Yo cas turn me up in the headphones nigga,
Niggas ain’t gone do shit cavtronics riot gang nigga..what!
This shit feel good far rock America our city nigga I said our city..
Talking that dumb shit
(ssssssss na I ain’t gonna do)

Yeah! Whaaaat!
Cocaine white with it I might chuck the Duece but I don’t f**k wit u niggas!”

Niggas keep talking what they gone do
Hot rock a nigga man I show you what the gun do
Never slipping man you know a nigga cold
Got it in the car when a nigga at parole
Got a 100 grams on my down bitch all niggas missing is the nose you a clown bitch
Never heard of ya nigga keep banging get shot hit the precinct y’all niggas singing
Glock 40 with a body I stretch a bird nigga I ain’t talking palates
I’ll ride on these niggas with no mask,won’t do shit niggas so ass
Riot gang nigga we squad up
Double cup with it nigga I’m poured up
New coupe in the lot man it’s all red
Pour liquor on my comp when they all dead
80 on the turnpike fish tailing
Put white in the street like the shit hailing
Cavalli’s on I don’t rock Prada
No Biggs but u know I’m a top shotta
Eyes blood red like a nigga smoke
When it comes to the yay get it off the boat

Outro (Speaks)
“Yeah our city nigga niggas be letting these niggas
Come through here fronting and shit.
Till you smack a verse out a nigga cas waddup!
RiotGang plier gang you can find me at www.
I wish one of you fuck niggas would dot com….Bynoe ”

[Lyrics to SHIT! by Bynoe]
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