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Call Us Forgotten - Contender Lyrics

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Call Us Forgotten – Contender Lyrics

You know, You know
You’re so much more than just the broken pieces
It doesn’t have to be this way

So don’t Tell me
That you’re a helpless victim to your circumstances

They say you’re never gonna make it alive
No matter what you do or say, no matter how hard you try
You’re a joke to them, you see it when you look in their eyes
Plastic smiles, staring through you, they can’t see what’s inside
The doubt is bleeding through their pores they just don’t get you
But they’d never bleed or fight or survive through the things you’ve been through
So keep holding your ground even if there’s no end in sight
Continue to fight

Fight for every inch
And don’t stop swinging just because you swing and miss
‘Cause if you can’t stand strong when you’re bleeding and the going is rough
You dont deserve it, so go on and say enough is enough
They’ll laugh and place their bets
They’ll play it safe and have a life full of regrets
Better believe that nothing ever comes of cowards who won’t face their fears
And no dreams ever come true without blood sweat and tears

So what do you do when you hit the ground
And your lungs collapse and you can’t make a sound
When all hope is lost and it can’t be found
And everybody that said they’d be there is nowhere to be found
Get up, Get up. You have to choose this
You can make a legacy or just make excuses
So you can it quits now and leave no story to tell
Or get up and keep on marching from wherever you fell
You gotta press on when your mind says stop
Gotta keep crawling when you just can’t walk
make it more than talk
Push through hesitation, frustration and failure
Who cares what they’re saying now
When you’re down, get up, stand your ground

(Scream Chorus)
(Singing Chorus)

It’s like a fire burning deep in my lungs
Something I gotta say before we go in flames burning up
And all the passion, we been packing it day in and day out
Work jobs we hate to pay the bills and often just go without but
Don’t call us down for the count, we’ll fight high water and hell
Cuz we believe and see the meaning in the truth when we’re bleeding and there’s an army marching with us with their fists to the ceiling


Let all the sirens sound
Let all the lights go out
Come on let’s shake the ground
And let em know we’re standing proud

(Scream Chorus)

Let all the people stand
Our weapons in our hands
Screaming burning words that everyone will understand

(Singing Chorus)

It doesn’t have to be this way

[Lyrics to Contender by Call Us Forgotten]

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