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Cannonball Ride - Keeper Of The Realm Lyrics

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Cannonball Ride – Keeper Of The Realm Lyrics

I don’t need no light that shades,
anything that withers and fades,
behind these walls the silver lining takes a hold.
Wide awake I don’t dare to face this daylight but
asleep a clear horizon beckons me!

Apart from every single beat that we share,
you know that I care, to fix whats broken.
But for now I am off to get the rest I deserve,
one dream to heal my world.

What will you hold on to,
when the earth starts to shake?
Thanks to damage we make.
This is my farewell time and space,
at the edge of the black white and grey.

Keeper of the Realm take me in,
let me feel shivers down my skin.
Keeper of the Realm dust your sand,
let me drown in colors again!

[Lyrics to Keeper Of The Realm by Cannonball Ride]

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