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Canvas Cope - Father's Song Lyrics

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Canvas Cope – Father’s Song Lyrics

Someday there will be no goodbyes
Someday I will always be at your side.
Watching you sleep while you’re in my arms
“sleep tight my angel, daddy’s here”.

Next time I won’t let anyone take you away,
I’ll offer my blood, if that’s my only way.
Someday you won’t suffer anymore,
For the small mistakes I, couldn’t see you no more.

I know you’re safe now,
No more pain, no more worries.
Without you here would be the saddest,feeling for me
I’m trying to be strong please help me to get thru this.

Someday I’ll meet you up there,
Seeing you again would mean the world for me.
Wait for me my cute little one,
For we both know that , that time will come,

Someday I will be able to hug you,
Hear your first words saying ,”Papa, I love you”
Someday this will all happen,
Someday we will be together….forever


[Lyrics to Father’s Song by Canvas Cope]

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