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Capsolin - It's a Ghost! Lyrics

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Capsolin – It’s a Ghost! Lyrics

All alone but the TV’s running says
Cuddle up cause there’s a cold front coming in.
You’ve been with her for the past four years
But is it just because you think it’s all you’ll ever get?
Well cuddle up, cause there’s a cold front coming in.

It’s hard to make excuses when
You know deep down that
You just don’t feel the same
But this empty room keeps telling you to sit it out,
And the winter wind blows so cold…

And you can’t seem to find your coat,
And it’s pouring rain.

Tell yourself don’t think about the doubt
Just let it rain
Sometimes to stay inside
Means missing out on life

Sometimes an opened door
Means giving up your comfort zone
And we give up
Again too scared to fall in love

But love will fall on you so hard
And where will that leave her,
You run, your fingers through her hair.
Follow through you’ll find another.
Let her go if you truly love her.

It’s cold out there but it just gets better,
Face the world; enjoy the weather.
All alone but the TV’s running
Says cuddle up cause there’s a cold front coming in.

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