Cayso - Love We Give Lyrics

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Cayso – Love We Give Lyrics

The cable car begins to move
You grab the bar, I look at you
We’re learning how to see each other through
We’re learning how to see each other through

I used to view love as a weakness
So I spent a lot of time holding back
Now I see clear, if you don’t give love, then you ain’t gonna get none back
Catch 22, catch 22
I was 21 when we met
And when you came into the lab
I was working at needing help with a school project,
The last thing on my mind was getting in a bind with a girl,
Cause I just got done
I was on my grind, and I was tryna shine with the words and adjust my buzz
It’s just not fun when you must not love
At the time I thought it was lust, not love
You were on my mind for weeks
I thought about asking a mutual friend for your number but I didn’t wanna be creep
I don’t know
I was self-conscious, so many things can keep us from taking a chance on love
People round here do not dance enough
They got me thinking that goofy is weird
Seeing you was like seeing a beacon of light – you shine so truly, my dear
I knew that my fear was holding me back
I did not have a problem with that
Put my head down and I powered through
Made the depression give way to the truth
Then came the summer and rhyming with no9to5 was the thing that was getting me through

This is not some one way mirror
Looking out on the world we’re in
We are the love
We are the love we give

Me standing by the tree, a different spot than usually
You running late for class
Couple minutes later and we wouldn’t have passed
Me nervous, but the words came straight to my lips with purpose
“can I get your number, maybe we can catch up?”
Even though we really only talked for a couple minutes to begin with
But you had me lifted somehow
And now out the blue look who just hit me with a text!
“hey it’s me, do you remember the girl with the video that i needed help with?”
And I respond of course, then we talk into the night, late
And neither one of us was like, “wait”
It’s like we both forgot doubt
And then I showed up early to your dorm to take you out

Wednesday in a cafe
Little stroll & a sashay
Chocolate in my coffee
Outta nowhere you got me
Outta nowhere you got me

Now we’re chillin upstairs on the couch,
And i’m like, dang, don’t know if i should make the first move right now,
Or if i should wait
Got my courage up, the custodian walked by….And i’m like…Dang.
Not waiting anymore to believe in love, leaned in and my life, changed

This is not some one way mirror
Looking out on the world we’re in
We are the love
We are the love we give

I’m starting to see it clearer
We belong to those who live
We are the love
We are the love we give

[Lyrics to Love We Give by Cayso]

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Cayso - Love We Give Lyrics

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