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Cayso - Tight Lyrics

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Cayso – Tight Lyrics

I’m a conquistador on the keys n’ more,
Eatin s’mores, feastin and eatin swords,
Sharp vocalled boa controller of mics which i (w)rap round,
He starts speakin in tongues,
The congregation claps now,
Then they all sat down,
But i know what they gonna wanna ask him, like

“cayso, where you have been?”

In the catskills
Wit a bad bitch
Named hip hop
So attractive
In my flip flops

Playin fetch the beat,
She’s so obsessed with me, said i could be,
El salvador,
Hip hop’s avatar,
Workin on my battle scars,
On my flyin bison,
Masterin the silence,
The haudenosaunee showed me a turtle is an island though no man is,

I sat atop the shell,
Compelled to transfer this to canvas,

In a prior life my lined were translated to sanskrit,
Now i spit in english, see it seems outlandish,
But i’m candid,
Sanded with jesus,
The truth apparent,
Use the tools i’m handed.

[Lyrics to Tight by Cayso]

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