Cayso - Won't Give Up Lyrics

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Cayso – Won’t Give Up Lyrics

Won’t give up
Ain’t gon stop
I’ma keep livin til my brain goes pop
And it ain’t gon happen
No time soon
So yall should get used to me doin what i do

Get used to it or get used
Take a walk in my steps
Big shoes
I’m listenin
All these messages
All day
Yall bore me
Can’t front
No i don’t wanna smoke your blunts
No i don’t wanna read your news
It’s all fake
I’m not stupid

It’s a brand new day
Ain’t no toes in the sand today
I was born into a system of oppression
The puppet masters are insulting my intelligence
And i don’t take kindly to that
This is quite the opportunity i’m finding in rap
I can speak my mind
I create these words
I believe i shine
I will change this world

Won’t give up ain’t gon stop
I’ma keep livin til my brain goes pop and
It ain’t gon happen no time soon so
Yall should get used to me doin what i do

I’m really pissed right now, it seems like they’re all telling me to sit back down
We breakin chains, never slaves to the system
We confiscate our education like the slaves did
Amazing how we rise up
I’m tellin all of the oppressors in the world that their time’s up

You use force to take another person’s sex and you deserve to die,
I’m keeping eyes peeled and never turning my cheek
I’m calling out this rape culture
Women getting hurt and don’t have nowhere to turn to
Policemen don’t investigate
Friends don’t believe them
Offenders walking free so every day they gotta see em
You got any idea what that shit is like??
Every day scared
So i stare in front of this mic in a daze with no clue what to do except speak
And look into the eyes of these young men and teach respect and love
And i’ma keep talking as long as it continues because it’s the only option
I will not stand by and let cowards rule the earth
Survivors you are beautiful, your value and your worth is visible to me

[Lyrics to Won’t Give Up by Cayso]

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Artist Cayso Lyrics
Album"Visión" (2014)

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Cayso - Won't Give Up Lyrics

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