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Charlie Greene - Man On Fire Lyrics

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Charlie Greene – Man On Fire Lyrics

I know your mind is weak
I know your body’s tight
But men have lost all sense
Let me inspect your innocence
I live on licorice sticks down by the river

All I need is you by my side
You are my one and only desire
Black out the sun
I’m a Man On Fire

You kiss my rebel dick
Recite the alphabet
The truth of things fights free of control
Our love is rocket fuel

Burns like a hotel bed
Looks like you got too close
Flame like a rose

Turning the past into smoke
Turning you into a ghost
Smooth like a scar
I’m a Man On Fire

When you get to your next thing
Pass me a note you know where I’ll be
My front porch with a dog and a glass
Waiting for that perfect moment;
To save my perfect ass

Shave off the back of my tongue
Put the little pieces in my jet engine I keep it movin’
On the surface of the sun
This world is a backward dream

Start off naked and you scream to breathe
I’m tired
I’m a Man On Fire
Good Lord of the shaken tree
Of man’s extremity

Keep thou our small leaves firm
Our branches free from harm
When I was young and strange
Stuck my hand in a spinning blade

My brain was a dying coal
I just had to fan the flames
I remove my lower jaw
Place it in your shopping cart

Could you reach down my throat
Both hands rip out my heart
I’m a Man On Fire

[Lyrics to Man On Fire by Charlie Greene]

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