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Chaz Langley - Song of Sorrow Lyrics

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Chaz Langley – Song of Sorrow Lyrics

Verse 1
I saw this little bird
Sitting by a window
She was looking sad
Singing a Song of Sorrow
Wanted to mend her wing
Help her fly again
She was so sad
In her heart she only wants to sing

Verse 2
I had the remedy for her melody
Wanted to change her tune
to a major key
Given her all I could
To be the man I should
She was so cold
She only wanted someone’s help to sing her song
Her Song of Sorrow…

Verse 3 (Rap)
This is a story of
A girl who fell in love
Hopeless romantic was title
She was most thought of
Even her mama told her that she better guard her heart
You gotta stop, look and listen
Child before you start
Even though she had advice
she didn’t hear one word
Now she’s sitting by a window
Like a wounded bird
Crying like a dove
All she need is love
Hoping for the day
that her cry gets heard… Sing

Bridge (Possible)
Somebody hurt her so bad that
She couldn’t feel again
But I’ll do all that I can
Her Song of Sorrow…

[Lyrics to Song of Sorrow by Chaz Langley]

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