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Cherie Call - I'm Home lyrics

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Cherie Call – I’m Home lyrics

Storms are beating at the door
But they can’t reach me anymore
The stove is warm, the sheets are clean
And a fire is burning, it burns for you
I’m home, I’m home

Oceans tempt me to set my sails
But the invitation fails
The shades are drawn, the lights are low
And my heart is yearning, it beats for you
I’m home, I’m home

So if you want to be a vagabond, if you want to roll like a stone
Do what you have to do
If you want to find the answers, if you want to find yourself
I hope you find ’em in the place where I am too

Life is hard even when you’re strong
You’ve got to find the place where you belong
Strangers call and lovers woo
And my world is turning, it spins for you
I’m home, I’m home
I’m home

[Lyrics to I’m Home by Cherie Call]

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