Chris Kerekes - Ella Lyrics

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Chris Kerekes – Ella Lyrics

I still look in the fire
I still pray one day that I will just close my eyes
The flames you’ve burned inside are dying more tonight
I’m down to the wire

Ella don’t put me in the past
Because my mouth is shut but I’m still looking back

Is this your god or mine?
Put a man in my place now I’m just standing in line
And I’ve looked on the other side, I’m not going there tonight
I’m down to the wire

Ella don’t be so quick to run
Ella don’t be so quick to run
Made a home for us and now I’m just living alone

You would lay at night with your hand in mine
And lie every night when I laid by your side
I’m down to the wire

© 2014 Chris Kerekes

[Lyrics to Ella by Chris Kerekes]

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Artist Chris Kerekes Lyrics
Album"Weave Me the Sunshine" (2014)

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Chris Kerekes - Ella Lyrics

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