Chris Kerekes - Fort Sam Lyrics (Feat. Amber Kerekes)

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Chris Kerekes – Fort Sam Lyrics (Feat. Amber Kerekes)

The lines on your face, as you die more everyday
Your eyes wrinkle up as you fade
I didn’t talk like I should, I never said anything good
Was not a man who held the flag like you would
Used to believe I could…
I’m all out of love.

You are the burden I still keep and now I can’t feel anything
My hands have grown too tired and weak
Now you’re out of reach…
I’m awake as you sleep.

And did you feel alive?
As it poured up inside and the smoke filled your eyes
Did you feel alive?
As you were faking a smile, the tears in your eyes

I’m not the dark that fills your place and I let you have your space
Don’t hold me in account for my old ways
Cause the sun will burnout someday and we’ll all fade away

© 2014 Chris Kerekes

[Lyrics to Fort Sam by Chris Kerekes (Feat. Amber Kerekes)]

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Artist Chris Kerekes Lyrics
Album"Weave Me the Sunshine" (2014)

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Chris Kerekes - Fort Sam Lyrics (Feat. Amber Kerekes)

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