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Christmas In Bethlehem - Cellophane Lyrics

Christmas In Bethlehem – Cellophane Lyrics

Well look who knocked again
That’s how this all began
You said I stole your friends
I said we made a mends
Made a means to all her ends
Straight edge had bent again
Loud screams heard through the drains
Life still in the stains
Were drunk again
Wrapped up in cellophane
I didn’t catch your name
But can i Call you something else
Cause It’s all the same
Fresh to death i feel Stale again
Cellophane I’m trapped again

Been alone,
most the day,
your heart is wrapped up,
in cellophane

my cell phone even,
hates to ring,
do i pick it up,
or do i let it ring,

you’re hella fake,
you wonder why,
i’m always baked

don’t know my name but,
you talk like,
you own the place

You know what we’re gonna say

It’s so cliche

That bitch is so cliche,
that bitch is so cliche,
that bitch is so cliche,
that bitch is so cliche

That bitch is so cliche,
that bitch is so passé,
that bitch is so out of date,
that bitch I would not date

[Lyrics to Cellophane by Christmas In Bethlehem]
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