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Chromatone - Alien Lyrics (Feat. King Kash)

Chromatone – Alien Lyrics (Feat. King Kash)

This is the day
I gotta make my way
Touched solid ground
But still I’m higher bound
All alone, I’m in my zone, the things I love I left at home

Now in these ends
Can’t hide, I can’t pretend
No flag to bear
No one said it would be fair
Tell me now, what’s the sign, bring it on, we’re running out of time

I got nowhere to go
No place to call home
This alien life is a one-man show
Come with me on a cruise
You got nothing to lose
This planet’s exploding let’s like the fuse

Let’s break it down
Their money’s made us clowns
Top of the pile
We’re here to make them smile
Time and time, again we find, we’re victims of the daily grind

Let’s make a stand
The future’s in our hands
It ain’t a game
It’s yours and mine to claim
You and me, wait and see, we’ll slay the companies

The only one to keep me sane is you
I can’t deny
Without you I’d bite it
Hope you’ll understand I can’t let go, I can’t let go
‘Cause I’ve got to fight it

[Lyrics to Alien by Chromatone (Feat. King Kash)]
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