Chubby Jag - My Team Go Lyrics

Chubby Jag – My Team Go Lyrics

I told these niggers I was coming back
Don’t hate me
Flat tie gold chain
West side and we ain’t here
Best lieu nigger fuck team
Now I got this shit that’s waving high
See making money only been better than saving lives
My keg right late night we be waving pause
50 for the Jesus piece
Let’s talk about paying ties
These niggers got too many problems
I’ll be staying high
No ain’t hating on your hustle
I’m just saying why
Cause if you talking out your list
We get your bust at home
Open up your muffin hole
Now you got a muffin top
We keep going
Nigger making sure nothing stop
You know the model
Keep cooking till the oven pop
I’m in the white team
Retro as story goes
I got the heat and my flat top
Got the world shot home no taser
This new Callie nigger killing home no blazer
I like all my bitches shame nigger no razor
I’m known for knocking down the best of’em Joe Frasier
Ow yeah I’m back flat top gold chain
Never let you hold bread
But I let you hold game
Nigger really cold nigger
Plus I really sold flame
Never seen an ulcer I made the….rain
If it’s V you get smoked like BBQ
Fly nigger jag if I was you
I’d try to beat me too
Chubby I had bars without the jail boy
Keys like a bell boy
How could niggers fail boy?
Fuck these niggers sale boy
I just made a sale boy
Swear I’m off the meter got
A sale full of heater boy
Pounds niggers overweight
Problems for my scale boy
Telling niggers telling I got goalies on your tale boy
I’m so above and beyond my nigger air Roy
Flame going through my body nigger hell boy
I’m killing I ain’t trying end up on the sales boy
I had to put the mask on like keel’s boy
No shine no you slow grind
You a snail boy
I’ve been know for snaking grit
Till it’s stale boy
I got that loud to the baggy
You could snail boy
Every time you turn around I’m lighting up the air boy
Spare time I’m either writing or I’m piping days
And she really just fucking cause she like the chain
Yeah you muscle boys niggers write and flame
This year we take it all
Rocket shit and writing jail

[Lyrics to My Team Go by Chubby Jag]

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