Cliff Savage - Don't Break It Lyrics (Feat. Correy L)

Cliff Savage – Don’t Break It Lyrics (Feat. Correy L)

You’re straight in my heart
You’re straight in my heart
You’re straight in my heart

Life of a cookie,better get some now and later
Let the sippin’ in Arizona never slippin’
Enjoy the shit for what it is
Rather tell you now
And act like I don’t know you
Like I can’t rap shit
I’m proud than that
Look nigga where I’m at
Dear darling,I hate your guts
Fuck life,I hate the hassles

Pop let me know that the magic is in the corn scene
And water tell me how it’s bustin’ through the concrete?
I don’t know,fuck it
You either like it or you love it
Something for nothing,nigga just keep it 100

Don’t break it
Don’t break it

What’s my motherfucking name?
Like I’m Snoop Dog
I see some
Niggaz actin’ like I ain’t the eager
Shittin’ on your camp
I can’t believe it believers are still believers
Remain humble but only fuck with a few cats
I’m doing shit and they keep askin’ me how I do that
I talk shit and it’s Kill Bill
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Boy, do I hate when I get the awkward eye
You can’t disguise the way you feel
But when it finally comes ’round, don’t act surprised
I’m all about friends and havin’ a good time
Being blind to any and every type of negativity
The other day I made friend with a skate board
Teach me how to voley,man
I hate how my feet work
Don’t hate,it’s real art
No matter how you do it
I still decipher the difference
I’m savage to the bitches
These niggaz call me The President

Don’t break it
Don’t break it

Yack in the backpack
Text if you need that
My bitch left cause I sell drugs but she works a pole every evening, (fuxkin bitch)
All bad…
Yea bitches ain’t shit but a fallback
Yo bitch knows my dick every inch Gave it to her every day of the year as a gift
I’m a pimp every limp
act up
Get a clip in your face like mase
I ain’t playin ask cliff
Couple screws might be loose in my brain
All the drugs and the bass and the bitching and complaining
All these bitches I been chasing just wasting my time
Yea basically I… Shulda been concentrated on my rhymes
Like my momma had said
Smoke a doobie to the head
Then walk in the booth and ma-gic
Like this cracker done killed em
Murder yo buildin your squad your team line em up and I’ll grill em
And fuxk all your bitches…
And moonwalk on moonrock and pop shrooms till I start Trippin
Don’t break it
Don’t break it

[Lyrics to Don’t Break It by Cliff Savage (Feat. Correy L)]

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Cliff Savage - Don't Break It Lyrics (Feat. Correy L)

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