Clipping. - Body and Blood Lyrics

Clipping. – Body and Blood Lyrics

Cleavers up, bring ’em here
Femurs all swing on the ceiling like a chandelier
She sittin’ there in a white dress, looking like she should get it
Licking the lips of the reddest, she should invest in a head clinic
She got a pocket full of incisors and pliers
A briefcase in case she get inspired, she ate
She tryin’ to suck face off the bone
You should know she is prone to swallow the marrow
She gettin’ her evil on down on the floor
See how the drinks are flowing on the top shelf
Men are flashing their belt buckle and wallet leather and clock
And can’t stop watching their jockin’ while she rockin’ that 8 in stilletos
Ain’t into metal, just leather and lace and the taste of oxidation
Lay still and let her let, like leeches suck
She might let you fuck but she want

[Hook] Body and blood
She don’t need you for shit but your dick and your veins
And your guts and your (body and blood)
Every man say she thick and they wish they could bang
When she strut, she got (body and blood)
Nails did, hair did, body right, teeth white
Knives sharpened, gettin’ (body and blood)
If you a bad bitch, let ’em know you ain’t out for the dough
You want (body and blood)

Twerk somethin’ girl, twerk somethin’ girl, twerk somethin’ girl
Cut somethin’ girl, cut somethin’ girl, cut somethin’ girl
Kill somethin’ girl, kill somethin’ girl, kill somethin’ girl
Eat somethin’ girl, eat somethin’ girl, eat somethin’ girl

She got her own home, she got her own set of power tools
Her own unmarked van, plan meticulously laid out
And splayed on the walls, all scrawled on dated Polaroids of seven heads plated
She got vials of ketamine, rohypnol, promethazine, blunts with amphetamines
And whatever your pleasure be, medically, she readily be
Providing the flags sometimes to dine with the finest of wines
Try and you’ll find cut glass to cut fast without cuttin’
She got a diamond tattoo on her upper thigh
Another fineness walks by and cuts eyes
Her let her go, she got a bad little body
Plus a mean walk, mean ass, make the jaws slack
But the black make-up match the black makeup
Bag of black clippers and steel and chrome-handled switchblades flip, she got


Candles by the mirror, perfume on the dresser, yes sir
Red sheets made of satin, flowers in the bible drying
Red wine in the goblet, golden Trojan wrappers
Chainsaw motor revving outside, bloodstains on the carpet
Elbow-length gloves, thigh high fishnets, and the garter
God’s son crucified on her necklace, hang just where breasts heave
And by the cheek, got a machine
Make ’em pray that the sex life in death, she goes
And when she body rolls, see how the party go dumb
And the pills dissolve, more than a few will fall
Black light and new resolve, she gettin’

[Hook] [Lyrics to Body and Blood by Clipping.]

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Artist Clipping. Lyrics
Album"CLPPNG" (2014)

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Clipping. - Body and Blood Lyrics

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