Clockwork Bird - Radio Waves Lyrics

Clockwork Bird – Radio Waves Lyrics

This is a radio transmission from a secret artic base.
The world is gonna come to an end.
It doesn´t matter if our planet is destroyed by meteorites or
If our race is wiped out by man made plagues or natural catastrophies.
When the end comes there will only be one thing
That will prove that we ever existed, that i ever loved you.
Only one thing that will survive, even when our sun expands
Converting into a supernova and consuming our planet.
Only one thing that will last forever.
Radio waves.

One day won´t be long, at the very end
One day we´ll all die by meteors
From the depths of the skies
I see them come
Like the rain of lava that in my dreams i saw
In my sweetest dreams i saw
And I will never see you again
All trace of earth will be lost in space
And there will only survive these radio waves
That will sail forever
Deeper down in space

[Lyrics to Radio Waves by Clockwork Bird]

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Artist Clockwork Bird Lyrics
Album"From The Finnish Wilderness" (2013)

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Clockwork Bird - Radio Waves Lyrics

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