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Clyde Shankle - The Marina Lyrics

Clyde Shankle – The Marina Lyrics

Call it what you want just keep your hands to yourself
Balling till I fall and
I ain’t smoking for my health
Enter this state of stealth,
Arrest before you test me
‘Cause once I get a hoe you gonna need that lucky left, see
Pinch head is tryna ball like us
But never see us start,
He couldn’t fall like us
Now they all like us,
Trust the Midas touch
We got a golden state of mind, that 49 can’t rush
Just get me your rockin’ fans and I can be ok
And get my niggas some land before we take your place
DJ Booth your space then turn this into a party
Hardly attend the occasion, now we making them sorts
Stepping in, repping in, yeah,
Cali made it in your aura cordially
You invited to my lush, shopaholics leave now
If they don’t do nothing for you,
If you don’t know what’s that to say
Then take a look at your collar, dominate
Every contestant I see, perpetrate
Only invest in the weak
So where you stand, nigga?
So that’s your brand, nigga?
Funny in the parlor, picnic just a brand, nigga
And wider your man, nigga
Why all of that when I can work for me?
Verbally I put myself where I deserve to be

[Lyrics to The Marina by Clyde Shankle]
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