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Cobe Obeah - Heru Story Lyrics

Cobe Obeah – Heru Story Lyrics

Welcome to the freestyle stories, yeah, the freestyle stories
Welcome to the freestyle stories, yeah, the freestyle stories

Careful, won’t you let my people go?
Just like Moses, I’ll give you that Egypt shear voodoo
Prophetic soldier, after you let us go they will stop!
After you let us go they will stop!

Come again, not your average brother
Before he was crucified, he said Hitler neva committed suicide
If that’s old news, what is the newest lie?
Gaddafi was a black devil with rugan lives
My nigga, that’s all hype, man
The flow is like the Klu Klux hanging a white man
I can give two fucks bout yo life, man
Feelin’ ex-general, remember the titan?
Denzel swagger, hit the bars of righteous
God flow, God flow, I’m Poseidon
I’m Mike Tyson when he’s bittin’
The ears of the legendary rocks are fightin’
The field ain’t holy
I’m the field slave but the name ain’t Toby
Last summer I was hangin’ out in Nairobi
Meditatin’ with a shaman named O-Be
A shaman named O-Be, O-Be
He told me primitives don’t know the names of magic
Only the initiates are old enough to crack it
Surface the cane of ignorance will neva be attracted
Manipulate the dissidents a governmental habit
Don’t panic, I scribble it down in my notepad then

[Lyrics to Heru Story by Cobe Obeah]
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