Colonel Price - Time Lyrics

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Colonel Price – Time Lyrics

Can You remind me of a time when it all made sense?
My friend
My friend
Can you remind me
of a time…
when it all..
didnt seem..
so strange

Verse 1

At a certain point in time
It made sense for me to rhyme
Yelling TNTs legit
I felt like I was in my prime
It was fine it didn’t even feel like a grind
And the minute that I went solo
I started losing my mind and yazzys still by my side
Still my partner in crime
We handled our little issues
And put our problems aside
I messed up with his family and I’ll admit that I cried
Made amends with his mother and all that is behind but now
To the topic at hand
Tryna turn a couple dollars to a couple of grands
And that’s difficult at the moment with a couple of fans
They keep saying I got a gift but they just don’t understand
Don’t understand
That when you’re spitting from your heart it’s kinda hard to be a star
With the exception of dudes like Kendrick Lamar
I’m hoping that I get on
And I promised all my fam that I’d make it by 22 and I’m hoping that I ain’t wrong


Verse 2

Had this music on my mind for a really long time
But I didn’t take it seriously for a long time
Made it to graduation victory was all mine
Saw my homies get diplomas I ain’t even want mine
But my
Homie two-quik had a mic up in his attic
so we did a couple songs and got it crackin like some addicts
dropped a tape and I still have it
you folks should go and grab it
I got a couple tracks and that thang to me the tapes the raddest and awhile back..
I would have told you it was magic
just happy to be rappin’ not expecting nothing to happen ‘Mixed Breed’
we was a faction and quik was appointed captain
I heard he just got off tour when I see him ima dap him
im proud of my homie dang dog keep doing what you can
I’m wishing you the best and I know you’ll make a hundred grand
you did it like you said you would and I hope you know I’m glad
but if I get a little shine
I know that you gon’ be mad


Verse 3

At times I sit back and start to wonder why I rap
so much power in my words and now the world is on my back
I can turn a blind eye to the poverty that’s at hand
Or use my power for good and just lend em a helping hand
you should do some trap music
see that’s the stuff that sells
rather sell my soul to the devil reserve a spot in hell
I spit them words that cut deep apply some pressure to that laceration
everybody’s on my case I ain’t exaggerating
I got my team on my side and some other maggots waiting
just for me to make it and to me
that is fascinating
giving advice just to put themselves in the conversation with their two cents
and I ain’t ask for a donation
I’m staying elevated from the ground to keep my feet from satan
this love I have for rap is different from my past relations what I say is fact not a fabrication you best embrace it
if I don’t get famous
I don’t think that I can take it


I know you’re scared….
You should be..

[Lyrics to Time by Colonel Price]

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Colonel Price - Time Lyrics

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