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Colorful Rhythm - Summertime Lyrics

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Colorful Rhythm – Summertime Lyrics

Summertime is the time
Wipe away the grime
Because it’s showtime
And the living is easy, the women are
Dreamy and the men are crazy
That’s a triumph of engineering, baby

Summertime is the time
Let the twelve-strings chime and
Kick some ill rhymes
Go out on the balcony, pop the top, and
sparkle with the ones who love you
Or at least the ones tolerant of you

Bring the sun into the right alignment
Turn a blind eye to the lack of re
finement, defy confinement and
accept my summertime assignment

Summertime is the time
The school’s out sublime
Living large is no crime
If you’re not wearing shades, I’ll need to see your
papers, ’cause no mortal human
could stand the brilliance of so many lumens

Summertime is the time
Stop the arduous climb and
Kill a slice of key lime
With a suitable beverage and wonder why it can’t be
summer every month ’til always
Cobwebs filling up those institutional hallways

[Lyrics to Summertime by Colorful Rhythm]

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