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Colorful Rhythm - Skulls and Flowers Lyrics

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Colorful Rhythm – Skulls and Flowers Lyrics

You should bring your life into the laboratory,
Spin it and precipitate your youth
You could take it on the road and make a fortune,
Distribute samples from a vendor’s booth
They could focus-group it into different versions
To correspond to demographic groups

We could data-mine it and produce the soundtrack,
Something with a soaring chorus and wistful loops,
Wistful loops When you listen to it,
May it remind you
Where the carpe diem ends and and the mise en abime begins

Fix your gaze a short distance behind you
You’ll see skulls and flowers, mirrors and candles and violins,
Skulls and flowers, mirrors and candles and violins
When they dig us out of some forgotten landfill,
They’ll wonder how we counted passing time

Did we mark the days on our gigantic sun-stones?
Did we measure months with lines that rhyme?
What they won’t know is that we devised a system,
Cycles falling within cycles on and on
We made songs to take us back and forth again and back and forth again until we’re gone

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