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Colour Me Wednesday - Sugar Coated Lyrics (Feat. Spoonboy)

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Colour Me Wednesday – Sugar Coated Lyrics (Feat. Spoonboy)

You ask if it impresses me,
I could take or leave it.
I say I wanna do the same
But you don’t believe it.
You think it’s just a phase for me,
Cos I wouldn’t take this seriously.

“Actually, you’re good for a girl,
You learn quite fast.”
But I know what you’re thinking:
“Let’s see how long this lasts.”

I hear the noises from outside
And I wanna join in,
But contribution at this point
Just seems quite threatening.
Guitar heroes in the making
Make me feel as if I’m faking.

Sugar coated, gender noted,
Bullshit compliments
Fill the air around me.
I inhale, I exhale
But I don’t feel any better
Cos I know I’ll never get a
Chance to bite back and…

You ask if it impresses me.

© 2014 Colour Me Wednesday

[Lyrics to Sugar Coated by Colour Me Wednesday]
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