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Connor Evans - Winterlude Lyrics

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Connor Evans – Winterlude Lyrics

I’m just trynna get my Euros up
Cuz I was dope even before I was sure I was
I’m out here trynna get it my homie
I hit it twice if I like it, no Instagram homie
The flow mad un-Common but compare me to Lonnie
Common sense in the air, but they still smell I’m a problem
And I just think shit’s funny like
She shop for him, but with his money right?
Y’all gettin high because you socially awkward
And if you don’t do it then you got nobody to talk to
I’m gettin high because I’m kind of dependent/
But if you try and call me on it homie, I’ll get defensive
That’s if you feel that real shit, this somethin you can feel shit
#GreenLightLife we just out here trynna kill shit
Yeah, and my dad’s name is William
Funny I was born coming after a bill-
Young kid scheming, I been old man dreaming
With a middle age crisis but my sex drive teenage
And my whole generation fucking text like fiends
The 80s they on that Regan, we just traded for screens
By six years old know what a labia mean
Man I wonder if my parents knew they was raising a king…shit

[Lyrics to Winterlude by Connor Evans]

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