Conscious Toney - The Time is Now Lyrics

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Conscious Toney – The Time is Now Lyrics

Flexing finessing and fessing
and wrecking contestant that thinking they stepping,
to my sessions is session for legend
my bredrin im heading to bigger segments,
Bouta show yall what my squad about,
you unconscious im wilding out,
freedom writer is the clique quit jocking styles,
quit flocking house,
hit box em out,

What you think ?
On that dank you drank swank Hillary banks in the bank wit them dollars out,
Rock Cuban links with Jesus piece peace out make you faint,
cotton mouth cock sucker with a mink,

Up in your face,
Toney in the scene, Toney got mean,
crack crack to the feens,
got base under seats,
wanna make fun of me yeah right,
don’t front backwoods to the right

You aint on my angle, im up to angels,
you up to my ankles, angel dust gonna rust like my single,
Single me out can’t trust these people,
done souled out with my soul on retail

Resell and buy that back conscious, you know we have the same momma,
She gonna be a monster, that you sold for ape and designers
Jamaican chick go gorilla grab a clip and go bananas

Fuck likkle bwoy where your manners?
Pjs days ripped pajamas,
Pj way fly bitches and lobsters,
does conscious got money in his pockets? No i got em

Aboard use to be poor fuck just slores of course
cheerleaders chicks never could score,
had to play b-ball or sports they bored the artsy boards i really really stalk Ohh

Now Toney got hot,
red heads on my cock knots knots and the bird whats the word bouta clock,
Time is up don’t really give a fuck, last words of evil ya momma wanna fuck?

Time is now, im bouta lay it down, Time is now, im bouta lay my sound,
Time is now, im bouta lay it down, im bouta to make my sound, im bouta copp that pound

Time is now im bouta make my sound, Time is im bouta make my sound

Time is now its time to lay it down, im bouta make a sound
Im bouta lay it down now
Im bouta lay it down now

Time is now damn

My Time is fucking now im bouta lay it down now

[Lyrics to The Time is Now by Conscious Toney]

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Conscious Toney - The Time is Now Lyrics

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