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Cross Legacy - Life and Death Lyrics (feat. Steve Alfred)

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Cross Legacy – Life and Death Lyrics (feat. Steve Alfred)

When your life is crashing down
With no one around you, lying alone
When you feel there’s nothing left
Just hang on; it’s not the end

He’ll never leave you, nor forsake you

Fighting out your emotions
Burning your bridges all to ashes
Happy days were all around
Now, no one’s knows you
but you still have a Friend

No matter where you’ve been
Or whoever you are
He will never leave you
Nor forsake you

When you’re on your deathbed
knowing your lifeline will stop anytime
Past moments are nothing worth
But do not fear where will your destiny be

Crying at your broken plight
Burying down all your hopes to the ground
Just call His name from deep within
You’ll have a place in eternal home

[Lyrics to Life and Death by Cross Legacy (feat. Steve Alfred)]

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