Crow Bait - The Ocean Lyrics

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Crow Bait – The Ocean Lyrics

You lay awake all night
Didn’t wanna say i’m right
Break one more then you write a long review

But then the morning light
Wants me to blow your mind
Take one step today, it will do.

The streets are cold
Where you wanna go
Trust, what then?
Delayed at once till dawn

Don’t want the crowded track
And there’s a thief round back
Took one hero in your lonesome palm

Oh I’ve seen the oceans
To the west, sunsets in the horizon
Take me to the exit door
I’m already yours

Give up, there’s enough
Precious things, I didn’t ever get it right
What if i didn’t make it?
What if i didn’t wonder?
Insecurity would maim me

I don’t see no ocean
Just a dusty mirror, little potions
This time i’m an angry pawn
I don’t need your anchor anymore
Or your fear

Respite for a little while
Guess I didn’t wanna see you fly
Take one leap with a broken wing
This crow is gonna learn to sing
A tune you know

We seldom sing in the meantime
I’m just sitting there sipping the sunshine
Dreamed up western skylines
Take me to the exit
Change your mind

[Lyrics to The Ocean by Crow Bait]

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