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Culted - Transmittal Lyrics

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Culted – Transmittal Lyrics

You always told me there was poison in my genes
My blood be flowing, pumping through these veins
This be the new nebular bringing you the coldness of space
And darkness of void, the universe is hostile and so am I
Rising, never to break down, feeding on your tragedy

Sweet blinding light streaming from the corner of the room
Corrupt and dictate, hypnotize the fragile mind of masses
Vision blurred and words distorted, ripped from context
Compromise is failure when the tribune got you on a leach
Dimming our eyes, numbing the conscious

I´ll turn the screen black, tearing the wings of angels
Cutting at the heart, blackening this cold fluorescents
I´ll look you in the eye when I end this life
Illuminating the world with fire, scorching the masters iron
Bringing the collapse, implosion of the strain of gravity
Everything be everything when we cut the hands of the artists

Sparking the flame, the flames becomes the fire
Dancing through the world making silhouettes from civilization
I´ll be the sickness broadcast through air and land
The face of free will, the unblessed, dividing the divided
Bringing you the collapse and the coldness of space
We love to watch it die

[Lyrics to Transmittal by Culted]

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