Cup Of Sun - Vertikle Lyrics

Cup Of Sun – Vertikle Lyrics

Tying up the loose ends
Stomach in knots
Never learned to breathe
Forgive me god
When the party ends
I’m the last one left
Along at the ballpark
Pitching at a fence
Staring down the barrels of guns
All around the world our daughters and sons
Fighting blind wars and making a mess
Lying when we say: “we’ll never forget”
Already have in this senseless path
We’re walking it again cuz it hurts to laugh
Too much dirt in the blood on our hands
To muster the courage to stand
Freeway wind touching the edge
Full moon crash the ocean a wreck
Standing on the dunes and praying for a wave
To come along soon and take me away

Praying for a wave to take me away

I watch you release a barrel of bees
I’m covered in honey god help me please
My last thought of you it lingered so long
Stinger in deep and sleep never come
I used to believe we would rise up hard
But I’ve learned quick who shuffles the cards
Guards the tricks for the world at large
But nobody winds so who’s in charge?
You’ll loosen your grip when your fingers are charred
Reduced back and stripped of your useless parts
Scarred by the whip of a gruesome god
I can’t forgive in a room this dark
But I love you wherever you are
The depths of the ocean the heart of a star
I know I rode hard and tried to escape
But I won’t run away from you
Won’t run away

I won’t run away from you, won’t run away

[Lyrics to Vertikle by Cup Of Sun]

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Artist Cup Of Sun Lyrics
Album"Cartomantic" (2013)

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Cup Of Sun - Vertikle Lyrics

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