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Cursed Cowboys - Running Apocalypse Lyrics

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Cursed Cowboys – Running Apocalypse Lyrics

It’s time to put some fire to this
Through my veins runs the passion for risk
One wrong action and your life will be gone
Bring out your beast ’cause this will be fun
Thousands of claws rising in the air,
The anger is about to explode in here.

The speed is rising each beat!
It’s what I call running Apocalypse

The heat from the machines, the deadly mass
The fury of the engines pulling the grass
The last stand, adrenaline in its eyes
Go insane with the explode of the burning fire
I can’t take over of this madness
And break the rules, don’t expect forgiveness
One step behind, the future is blind.

With metal burns the human kind
With metal burns the human kind
With metal burns…

Now stop chains and be free, focus your anger
Let us scream for the sin and make it stronger
Fuel burns, explodes hard with this curse,
The evil forces get in shock
The god of sin has been re-elected and we will not be dominated
The Satan’s curse will give us force

And with brutality we’ll cross
And with brutality we’ll cross
And we will cross

[Lyrics to Running Apocalypse by Cursed Cowboys]
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