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Cymarshall Law - This Journey Lyrics

Cymarshall Law – This Journey Lyrics

I’ve been on this journey since many years ago
Felt like I was screaming
When you outside the box sometimes there is a limit
You can get the intention of those living in that
I was never…pull every lyrics hen you split all my spirit

You don’t be back ..
…you helped that but nigga ain’t see
As the say same old story…
Soon as I am pooping they gonna start to know me
Then the competition ….and then you …
But I’m a rock they even …even if I like to stop
Still nigga try to get a little …that I’ve got
See through the …you see every thought …
This is a game I didn’t have to play…
Future futuristic …call me I’m music mystic
How is this kid, use to be a fool …so get down move in distance
I am the color of courage…I can’t help ‘em grow
You ain’t hear me thou, you was in the dark so I’m moving slow

It’s a daily operation, we came too fare to come back
Yo it’s my time
And never really ever stop…

Decision that I make it turn …to what it gonna be
Caught up and hide …drop in like …

Because a lot of things I don’t trust I came here to see
Don’t know what to believe sometimes I get …
It might be lies coming from …
From nine to eleven …
The recession got you …
Some niggas can’t get a job and …but that’s a trap…

Forget taking the …
My everlasting journey …
My life it’s like a loading gun and I deserve a shot
I am for real my skill…
Remember if you brave first , people got to die for you

They do what the y have to do
..if you don’t have a clue
It’s a daily operation, we came too fare to come back
Yo it’s my time
And never really ever stop…

[Lyrics to This Journey by Cymarshall Law]
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