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Dale Wicks - Someone Else's Songs Lyrics

Dale Wicks – Someone Else’s Songs Lyrics

People want to hear the things they know
You offer yourself to them, but they just won’t go
So you buried your body down and you ground up your sweetest prose
And you sewed yourself a button on the collar of another man’s clothes

You figured out your world and your world was wrong
Before you know it, you’re singing someone else’s song

People only see what they believe
I was never one of “them”, so nobody ever saw me
I played a blind-man’s game and never knew the rules
So I changed, now I’m the captain of this lost ship of fools

I was beautiful and free, but they were strong
So I changed by tune and started singing someone else’s song

It’s easy to concede and so hard to swim upstream
I cannot believe everyone’s like me
You had something to say, but you found a better way
And said you wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds

It’s possible I don’t know what I know
But if that’s true, then who are you to tell me so
The captain of the fool-ship lays the law
I’ve seen better men than you who’ve heard the call

The road to self is narrow and it’s long
But otherwise, you’re singing someone else’s song

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