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Dan Daly - The West Lyrics

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Dan Daly – The West Lyrics

The stories you’re about to hear
Will break you.
Change the way you’ve seen me
Since the day we met.

I promise I’m not going to beg
You for forgiveness,
I’m just admitting
To the pain that I create.

I know that everything
I put her through was shameful,
But when she begged to be
Without me I saw red.

And ever after all this
Flesh and blood’s been wasted,
I feel like a fool,
Cause I don’t even know her name.

All I ask of you, my friend:
Don’t hate yourself when this note ends.
This noose is where I’ve made my bed
And tonight I’ll sleep alone.

I know you’ll hate me for this.
I swore I could change,
But inside I felt the same,
So in paper and ink,
My last words will read:
Forget what you know,
Whatever you learned of love.
Learn from me and grow,
Cause there’s nothing to change about me anymore.

[Lyrics to The West by Dan Daly]
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