Dat Boy Johnny - Eat My Shorts Lyrics

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Dat Boy Johnny – Eat My Shorts Lyrics

Ain’t another honkey just trying to flow
I’m chopping beats down like machetes in Congo
Straying off the path I’m trailblazing
Never planned to rap or make statements

Like Macklemore I’m putting hours up
10,000 na but they counting up
Been doing this a while now
But I’m out here in the British Isles now

Man, I’ll go ‘cross country
Any city just hit me if you want me
Scotland and Wales man what it do
Get the pints poured up I’m coming through

Just love for the people that love me
Forgave the cats that done snubbed me
Can’t remember when I ever held a grudge
But for the Carmel police, middle fingers up

Oh had to switch it up
Everybody in the UK big ‘em up
And everybody job hunting not given up
Anybody trying to hold me down kiss a butt

Don’t give a fuck can’t get stuck on the little stuff
‘bout this music man I’m nuts can’t enough
Understand what I’m saying is it coming through
Or not like a Man U fan from Liverpool

Living fast ain’t my thing y’all I live it slow
Drinking beers in the park or up on the porch
With my Mac in my lap with a pen and pad
Trying to come up with a verse for another track

No Sherpa boh but I’m climbing
You stuck at base camp whining
No time if you can’t provide
Gon stay out the picture like you’re camera shy

[Lyrics to Eat My Shorts by Dat Boy Johnny]

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Artist Dat Boy Johnny Lyrics
Album"Live at The Local" (2015)

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Dat Boy Johnny - Eat My Shorts Lyrics

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