Dat Boy Johnny - Give You Up Lyrics

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Dat Boy Johnny – Give You Up Lyrics

From Indiana, but I ain’t from the boonies
On a mission for some food like Chunk in the Goonies
‘cause I just left the bar and I’m trying to smash
If it ain’t Chicken Cottage I’ll take kebabs

On you baby girl can’t take a pass
But leave her for the bin men they taking trash
Looking bad in the black when you shaking that
Silly game all day know how to make you laugh

Every week be tough but I’m making cash
Still get the night bus fuck taking cabs
Still on the mic kicking them funky raps
Fiending for some good tunes got your junky ass

See that chick over there
Yea that one think I’ll bring her over here
She sexy make me feel like

Click N Spark on the beat blowing PAs
Repping Norfolk not Norwich VA
He got it for the South I brought the Midwest
A Molotov mix leaving shit wrecked

Lethal combination killing is my occupation
You’ll catch abomination talking bad about my nation
Just playing on occasion I be kinda complicating
Even if you talk hating it’s as-salamu alaykum

You can knock my conversation ain’t stopping what I’m saying
Nothing to prove nothing due not no obligation
So keep your invitation for inflating invocation
You mistaken if you think your lame baiting gon be taken

I like to bang my girl then go chill
Assholes mad at nothing I don’t feel
Why don’t you hit a blunt maybe pop a pill
Then maybe we can talk something real

[Lyrics to Give You Up by Dat Boy Johnny]

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Artist Dat Boy Johnny Lyrics
Album"Live at The Local" (2015)

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Dat Boy Johnny - Give You Up Lyrics

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