Dat Boy Johnny - Gramatik Lyrics

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Dat Boy Johnny – Gramatik Lyrics

Dat Boy in the mix
Gramatik on the beat getting teared to bits
Turn heads if you come through bumping my shit
And my shows like free booze nothing to miss

Like G4S got it under control
Ride the beat somethin’ dece when I come with the flow
Tight rhyming got it galore
Ain’t a preacher but can I get a good lord

Elevating like a young Gary Payton
You like Gordon Gekko Wall Street made for trading
Feeling good and it ain’t what I’m drinking
Ain’t rocking the house man I got it earthquaking

More than made your girl change her thoughts on rap
When she heard my music changed her thoughts on tracks
That’s the name of the game got my thoughts on that
Put ‘em out like Mayweather on crack


What up Gramatik
Hold it down
The UK
New Castle
And last but not least
The Midwest

Verse 2

Ey y’all thought I was done
But I got another 16 still in the gun
Used to drink up and smoke when I got it
‘til I blacked out like I was gothic

Every cell phone my mom bought me I lost it
Probably a miracle I never got accosted
Passed out on a bench in Baker Street underground
Woke up I was cool like let’s get another round

Pour out some liquor for my people that have passed on
Mr. Holloway gotta whole glass for him
Plus a half gallon and another fifth
Four pints four bowls and a couple spliffs

Well that’s enough today
Put the spring in my step like the month of May
Catch me on the flip side
Driving on the left like Snoop said yea that’s the Crip side

[Lyrics to Gramatik by Dat Boy Johnny]

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Album"Live at The Local" (2015)

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Dat Boy Johnny - Gramatik Lyrics

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