Dat Boy Johnny - Loving You Is Wrong Lyrics

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Dat Boy Johnny – Loving You Is Wrong Lyrics

Yo Yo Yo
Na man
If it’s wrong

Verse 1
So we had a fight but baby it’s another day
Forgive me my mind was in another place
Aw cool you already over it that’s what I mean
That’s one reason this relationship been more than a fling

That’s why I love you girl ‘cause you don’t even trip
Tell me what’s on your mind you never hold it in
Like breath under water goddamn you gorgeous
Can’t believe I’m saying this shit when goddamn I’m sober

Goddamn I’m Georgia no I’m not I’m Indiana
Ain’t talking ‘bout that right now second verse we’ll go back to
Got a one track mind unlike Dagenham ain’t diversified
You the only one that I wanna put in every verse of mine

You the only certain thing in this uncertain life
In this uncertain age in these uncertain times
So if loving you is wrong give me a failing grade
I don’t wanna pass nothing if you can’t

Verse 2
Indiana first verse said I’d come back to
The only state with less cars than tractors
Where basketball is life you born with a jump shot
Babies crossing over better than rappers gone pop

Any kind of food you can think of I bet we fried it
Oreos, Snickers bars, butter yea we tried it
You a weight watching type take your ass to South Beach
‘cause we don’t believe in Victoria Beckham friendly eats

But you can have a good lifestyle make your money stretch
Big ass house and a car same price in London only fetch
A tiny two bed flat one bathroom
Look on the bright side only two tiny carpets to vacuum

We riding Cadillacs move in slow mo
If chilling was a sport we’d go pro
Na ain’t no where like back home
To me don’t care you think that’s wrong

[Lyrics to Loving You Is Wrong by Dat Boy Johnny]

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Artist Dat Boy Johnny Lyrics
Album"Live at The Local" (2015)

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Dat Boy Johnny - Loving You Is Wrong Lyrics

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