Dat Boy Johnny - Only You Lyrics

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Dat Boy Johnny – Only You Lyrics

Don’t rap just to get money
But it be tight just to get lucky
Cash in stack up my chips
Do it like Chris Robshaw make hits

Got a mixtape y’all should get
No charge like Waterloo to take a piss
But if you ain’t fit and you wanna take a pic
I’ma need at least 15 or 20 quid

Just playing y’all should know
That I ain’t stuck up no Viagra overdosing
Really try bro to be open
Black, white, brown c’mon we all rolling

Come around your wife you better rope in
Don’t want fine her ass eloping
Dat Boy Johnny quit to get it popping
Cracking beers better than Steve Austin

Coming right all day can’t go wrong
Royal Mail at the bar get my post on
Go home to something with no clothes on
Peyton Manning in the bed I’ma go long

No dissing Lana Del Rey
Just I ain’t got time for no video games
Used to be on that NBA Live
But now I gotta hustle trying to quit my 9 to 5

Aw yea I’m repping Indianapolis
All good if you don’t know where on the map it is
Ain’t here to give grades for A-Levels
‘Cause your boy passed the slackers 8 levels

Y’all wanna know why I crossed the pond
Trying to do some pimping shit like James Bond
So what’s my answer when they ask are you leaving
Na I’ma stay like the Hindu greeting

[Lyrics to Only You by Dat Boy Johnny]

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Artist Dat Boy Johnny Lyrics
Album"Live At The Local" (2014)

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Dat Boy Johnny - Only You Lyrics

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