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David Maxim Micic - Daydreamers Lyrics

David Maxim Micic – Daydreamers Lyrics

Dreaming of all the big things,
But can’t you see it,
You have to be asleep to believe it,
Feeling, feeling so small,
Looking at stars,
Waiting for them to fall

If you had one moment,
Moment to love, moment to breathe,
How would you live it?
See the world,
Drown in the sea of tears,
Feel the pain,
Caused by the deepest fears,
If you had one moment,
moment to bleed, moment to give,
how would you live it?

Stay alive, in black and white,
But try to feel the light,
Seeing colors feeding your eyesight,
Get out, join the life,
Don’t try to hide inside,
Dark side of your restless mind.

[Lyrics to Daydreamers by David Maxim Micic]
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