David Bulla - Lost Inside Lyrics (Feat. Sidekicks)

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David Bulla – Lost Inside Lyrics (Feat. Sidekicks)

Give me your name
Making me feel blind
As sparks ignite inside

Your story’s untold
But your lips move slow
I’m starting to lose hold

Of what lies ahead
What’s here & now
I see at the end

Somewhere to beeeeee bound

Lost inside your eyes

Lost inside your eyes

Verse 2:
You play these games
With your mask on tight
What’s hiding in those eyes?

You’ve got me alone
Like a fox in a hole
Leave me out in the cold

I’m two steps ahead
Who’s laughing now
You’re at a dead end

Nowhere to beeeeeee found

Lost inside your lies

Lost inside your lies

[Lyrics to Lost Inside]

Thanks to Tyler Karth for sending the lyrics.

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David Bulla - Lost Inside Lyrics (Feat. Sidekicks)

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