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DeLooze - Deathstar Lyrics

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DeLooze – Deathstar Lyrics

Someone needs to shout it out before the lights go out again
I’m gonna need to hit the ground before the lights go out of sync
can you hear the whispers arriving? I’m gonna let it go
There’s always someone there to remind me, i can’t let in love

You never let it go, so long
you never let it go, unless I say so long

Ive been fallen on my knees just counting on the lights to shine again
Shine shine with me
golden flares we stand and stare
underneath the pictures horizon
deathstar’s on its way
we have to see the future 
can’t you feel the future


Remember when we had it, nothing less
remember when we had it for the best
you know that you made things all complete
you never once said that you wanted to leave
remember when we had it the day of rest
you know that you loved me wo-oh

You never let it go
So long
You never let it go unless I say so long

[Lyrics to Deathstar by DeLooze]

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