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Demrick - Bars Lyrics (Feat. Rass Kass)

Demrick – Bars Lyrics (Feat. Rass Kass & Jon Connor)

I ain’t no nigga, you just new nigga
You confused nigga, I’m a true spitter
Take that faith like new clippers
Rest still hot like Lucifer
Wild wild west I’m a true gritter
And our crew sippin’ on a few liquors
Born the stash ain’t color that
Ain’t see pumpin’ I’m a cool whipper
With a new stripper, music trick,
You took the undo zippers,
Am addicted to your bitch like a whit on the candles
Sticks and a few liter
That’s when she blue, that’s what she do
She ain’t that smart but giving brains is all she knew
Catch me London in Honolulu,
So go go jewels like .. bubu
Your rap nerd, the dodo bird,
My flow insane and I’m kind of cucu
And I mean for the long Cong
Ask my finger, my watch looking like snow ball
F*ck female facebook prints
Book on .. like bald on
No jerk nigga, that means you get no run
This p**sy niggas vagina that makes you clip your tongue
And since I done respect you, I hope the streets met you
Leave your body in the box, may Jesus resurrect you.

I overdose operation, over dough ..quote
Nick back verse a packing dough
Really don’t matter I want above
You could talk that sh*t I’m not around
You set em up and I knock em down
I’m not handle buss
This is what it is
I’m just doin’ me, stacking it up
Talking out crazy, backing it up,
Hands hanging off my a*s
Say say too much long from the days I’m beggin up
No forget why I’m acting up, I can’t let it go I ain’t had enough day
So don’t you worry how I get mine
Never come off and it’s called the grind in due time
These ain’t the E, M and then R and then .. the kay
That’s a double name ain’t nothing to hide, I must explain
I smoke weed, I drink liquor, I f*ck bitches like you do
Maybe not I’m the eighties baby flow go crazy hot,
Aid away to the parking lot and they loud too
Don’t just show die till we locked in and hen to be snocked in
It’s not an option we cannot lose,
You pack and watch me, you need to stop it
That’s something that you can’t do.

Uh uh look!
You say you real but you contradict
I’m confident I go confidence
Extra four .. continent
Shit I’m convinced you ain’t confident
Oh your home boys like f*ck that nigga
You baby mama like I f*ck that nigga
I’m aware her rescue like you get money girl
You back cuff that nigga
Don’t getting no ring, blood on the corner
I’ll be killing your team, the shit is extreme
My shit is so dope off the prime,
The things nigga don’t figure my jeans
Get off me Lord get in my dick
Don’t suffocate this full for thoughts
So stuff your face, judging the jury nigga f*ck your case
F*ck your life, mad at me like I f*cked your wife
Probably did I slept your wife
All the road around the way she get f*cked on sight
And if it ain’t a way that I could have you off
Don’t let another nigga bare you all
‘cause I was told em long time ago
Talk as cheap as you .. to be the one that I share you out
Nigga all this noise I’ve been making
Make you shame nigga live in silence.
So my real niggas stand up
All your fake nigga be quiet,
You keep asking for him many times reach to a riot, uh.

[Lyrics to Bars by Demrick (Feat. Rass Kass & Jon Connor)]
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